31 Oct

transport needed

Yesterday, while walking home, I got whacked by a truck.

For part of the journey home, I walk the whole 2.9km distance of the Monaghan Bypass, a road which, despite costing a whopping great €26,000,000, somehow didn’t have the change left over to supply street lights along its length.

I was walking along, one foot brushing the grass verge, and the other foot in the hard-shoulder. I was only 100M or so into the walk when a sudden whack made me lose track of the page I was on in the Andrew Vacchs book I was reading.

I was more annoyed than hurt – if I have enough light to read, surely the trucks have enough light to see me? Also, they have great big headlights and I don’t!

So anyway – I got home, checked my laptop to see if it was fine, hammered my optical mouse back into shape, and resolved to get transport.

Tomorrow, I’m buying a bike. An upgrade from walking. See, I’m sneaking up on the 21st century, but very slowly.

It’ll be a BMX, so I can use it in that skatepark that opened recently.