28 May

copyright-free movies


I’m watching Buster Keaton’s “The Blacksmith” at the moment. Hilarious. I think the funniest scene has to be when kid pops a little balloon which is holding up a car while its wheel is removed. Charlie Chaplin has nothing on this guy!

07 Oct

a weird xchat moment

<Baud> daft question.. when dpms turns the screen off, does xscreensaver stop rendering?
<diamond> Baud: when you can’t see it, xscreensaver doesn’t exist. a tree fell in a forest and crushed it. conceptually.
<Baud> !kill diamond from space
* abbot chops diamond from space’s head off with a large trout
<m1> surreal.

06 Mar

why .net, c# and mono are bad names

from slashdot

Maybe it would get wider acceptance if MS named it differently. I first heard about it a few years back, and wanting to know more, I typed .NET into Google. I got back every www.*.net website on the web, but little about Microsoft. I knew C# had something to do with this, so I typed that in. Google dropped the # and returned every page with the letter C. Then I heard about ASP.NET, and decided to look that up on Google. I got back every www.*.net/*.asp page in the world, again no useful info. Finally, I gave up and installed Linux instead. I heard that mono got me .NET on Linux, and so I looked up mono. I learned alot about being careful about who I kiss, but little else.