About Me

Kae Verens, Irish, living in Monaghan, Ireland.

Author of two books on PHP and jQuery (jQuery 1.3 with PHP and CMS Design using PHP and jQuery).

Atheist, programmer, musician, and father.

Head of Development at field service management software company FieldMotion.

You can contact me at kae@verens.com

  1. Dear Kae,

    I found your blog post about the mootools splitter plugin.
    It is realy hard to find a Up to date Page splitter that will work on most browsers.

    Is it posible to use your splitter.js with the newest mootools? Or do you know a good splitter plugin?
    I like mootools, but i have no problem using jQuery if needed.

    Thanx in advance!
    Jos Luijten

    • I wrote that a long time ago. I haven’t had the need for a splitter since then, and also I switched to jQuery, so I don’t have an answer for that – sorry!

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