11 Feb

Back at it

I was thinking recently that I don’t really do as much as other people. I’m always admiring what other people get up to, and wish I could be as productive as them.

But then I realised that the reason I feel like I don’t get much done is that I’m not comparing myself to one person. I’m comparing myself to many.

So, I’m going to try keep a semi-daily record of things that I actually get done (not counting my day job, of course!)

Starting with – I’m currently finishing off some pigeon-hole shelves for Bronwyn to use for her knitting. They’re way too large, but they’re also my first attempt. Maybe I’ll remake them in a year or so.

I’m also strongly considering building a new clavichord from plywood or OSB. The last one, I got to the stage that it could make a sound, but I didn’t complete it. This time, I have the tools and the work-space, so I should be able to get a bit further.

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