29 Oct

salepredict2: we are live

I’ve finished the base engine of the Sale Predict project. If you go to SalePredict.com and fill in some of your sales and fails, then it will be able to predict the chance of success for any prospective jobs you have.

For example, let’s say you have successfully sold to 25 companies before, and 25 other companies have turned you down. Let’s say you also have a list of a further 25 companies that you want to approach, but because each of these takes a few hours of research and negotiation, you would prefer to work on them in order of which are most like companies that you have already sold to.

All you need to do is put in the 25 sales and fails, and a neural network will be automatically trained up based on that data, which will then be able to analyse the 25 prospects that you have.

The engine currently accepts logins via LinkedIn and Facebook. I will add more.

You are given 100 free credits as soon as you login. This lets you test it out to see if it works for you. I will add a payment method shortly for increasing the number of available credits. 100 should be enough for anyone to realise how effective this is.

I’m working on an automated test at the moment to figure out exactly how successful the engine actually is. The test works by taking a list of sales and fails, then doing a round of tests on each of those websites, temporarily changing the website to a “prospect” so the system does not know if it was a sale or a fail, then retraining the network on the other domains, and seeing if it accurately predicts the original value (sale or fail) for the test domain. This will take a while to run, so I’ll post the results in the next article.

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