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list of scientists that embrace creationism

I’ve been arguing on Facebook with some people that seem convinced that by showing a list of scientists that are also creationists, they somehow “prove” that there is a controversy over evolution.

The list can be seen here, and contains 214 entries at the moment.

Of that list, only 35 of them are biologists. The rest really don’t matter. Who cares if a food scientist doesn’t believe in evolution?

So, the list of remaining biologists:

Dr Kimberly Berrine Microbiology & Immunology does not appear to exist
Prof. Vladimir Betina Microbiology, Biochemistry & Biology Does not appear to have ever mentioned his opinion either way
Dr Raymond G. Bohlin Biology Biased: leads a religious ministry.
Dr Andrew Bosanquet Biology, Microbiology No evidence he supports creationism. A number of published articles on evolution of the p53 protein [1] [2]
Dr Robert W. Carter Marine Biology Biased: works for Creation Ministries.
Prof. Chung-Il Cho Biology Education No evidence he is a creationist. Has written articles providing evidence for evolution. [1] [2]
Dr Ken Cumming Biology Biased: dean of the Institution of Creation Research.
Dr David A. DeWitt Biology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience Biased: Associate Director of the Center for Creation Studies at Liberty University.
Prof. Carl B. Fliermans Professor of Biology Biased: member of the technical board for the Institute for Creation Research, teaches biblical studies
Prof. Robert H. Franks Associate Professor of Biology Does not appear to exist. The only references I can find to him are in this list, or here (which makes him about 80 and probably dead).
Dr Pierre Jerlström Molecular Biology Biased: staff scientist at Creation Ministries International, and editorial co-ordinator of Journal of Creation [1].
Dr Arthur Jones Biology Biased: works for the Christian Schools’ Trust. Taught religion at two UK schools.
Dr Dean Kenyon Biology Biased: fellow of the Discovery Institute [1]. No longer a professor. Witness for the losing side of two important evolution/creationism court cases. [2].
Prof. Gi-Tai Kim Biology Does not appear to have published an opinion for or against evolution [1].
Dr John W. Klotz Biology Has been dead for nearly twenty years.
Dr Leonid Korochkin M.D., Genetics, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology is NOT a creationist. One of his articles [1] says he is an “adherent of the macromutation evolution”.
Dr Wolfgang Kuhn biology researcher and lecturer This guy has been dead more than ten years.
Dr Heather Kuruvilla Plant Physiology, Senior Professor of Biology, Cedarville University Does not appear to have ever given an opinion on evolution or creationism
Dr John G. Leslie biochemistry, molecular biology, medicine, biblical archaeology has no biology education [1]
Prof. Lane P. Lester Biology, Genetics Biased: on the board of directors of the Creation Research Society.
Dr Ian Macreadie Molecular Biology and Microbiology appears to be professionally unbiased but blinkered. reading through one of his articles [1], I can see signs of him simply discarding evolutionary ideas, instead of exploring them.
Dr John Marcus Molecular Biology does not appear to exist [1]
Professor Douglas Oliver Professor of Biology Biased: associate director of Center for Creation Studies.
Prof. Chris D. Osborne Assistant Professor of Biology Biased: works for Logos Research Associates. Hasn’t published in over 20 years.
Dr Gary E. Parker Biology, Cognate in Geology (Paleontology) Biased: founder of Creation Adventures Museum.
Dr Terry Phipps Professor of Biology, Cedarville University Biased: Cedarville University is a biblical school, not an unbiased school.
Dr Jung-Goo Roe Biology Does not appear to exist outside this list [1]
Dr Ariel A. Roth Biology has stated that “creation science” is not a science [1].
Dr Alicia (Lisa) Schaffner Associate Professor of Biology, Cedarville University Biased: teaches at a christian school [1].
Dr Timothy G. Standish Biology Biased: works for the Geoscience Research Institute.
Dr Dennis Sullivan Biology, surgery, chemistry, Professor of Biology, Cedarville University Biased: Cedarville University is a biblical school.
Dr Larry Thaete Molecular and Cellular Biology and Pathobiology He’s a gynaecologist and obstetrician. doesn’t study anything to do with evolution [1].
Dr Joachim Vetter Biology German. Dead. [1]
Dr Sung-Hee Yoon Biology Does not appear to exist [1]
Dr Henry Zuill Biology Retired professor. Does not appear to have ever written a peer-reviewed article.

Of the above 35,

  • 16 are biased – they get paid to promote a creationist viewpoint.
  • 4 don’t appear to exist. I could find no reference to these people outside this list.
  • 3 are dead.
  • the rest appear to have no opinion either way on evolution, or don’t have any professional link to evolution.

In short: this list is rubbish.