11 Feb

What I’m up to

It’s been a while since I wrote anything, so here’s a general update.

I’ve started helping out with the Monaghan Coder Dojo, and am helping out with the HTML class, trying to bring the kids up to a level where I can teach them JavaScript and PHP.

I’m working on a number of Raspberry Pi projects. I’ve just about completed a file server build (just waiting on a screen to arrive for the finishing touches), have started building an R2D2 robot for Jareth, and I’m still pottering away on my gardenbot project.

My latest open source software project is Bizti – an invoicing system for very small companies. I’m just about finished adding a Tasks section to it as well, and will be adding a Timer to it afterwards. The point of this project is to combine the functions of the three tools I use the most in business: Simple Invoices, Toggl, and Remember The Milk.

Music-wise, I’m still practising piano, but am taking a break from the examinations path to do some blues and jazz. I’ve also started playing violin again, starting with a number of baroque pieces.

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