30 Jun

tech support conversation…

Conversation I had with tech support at onlinesheetmusic.com

I would normally not print this kind of stuff, but it really irritated me that everything I wrote had to be repeated two or three times.

Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
Your request is important to us. Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with Bill A (Customer Support) - Customer Support
13:18 Bill A: Hi
13:18 Kae Verens: hi - having trouble printing a sheet I just purchased. invoice number 80300
13:18 Kae Verens: I use Linux. not Windows or Max
13:18 Kae Verens: Mac, I mean
13:20 Kae Verens: the Instant Print does nothing, and the Online Sheet Music Viewer requires Windows or Mac to run (I don't use either)
13:21 Bill A: Can you please try to print it,Mac or P.C
13:22 Kae Verens: I DO NOT USE MAC OR PC. I've said that twice already.
13:22 Bill A: I have reset you print rights , whenever you want print your music, you can easily take your print.
13:25 Kae Verens: clicking Print on the big green button does not work. I get a 20...40...60...80... notification, then "ERROR Please contact support at help@onlinesheetmusic.com"
13:25 Kae Verens: As I said already, "the Instant Print does nothing"
13:26 Bill A: Please open the viewer by using your Email address (that you registered with us) and password (that you use at the time of login through our website). Then click on the synchronize button that is under the Score list looks like (Z). Then you can transpose, play and print your purchased songs.
13:26 Kae Verens: What viewer?
13:26 Bill A: Please Install the Online Sheet Music Viewer 1) Download the viewer - ( http://www.onlinesheetmusic.com/download.aspx ) 2) Run the installer
13:26 Bill A: After installing open the viewer by using your Email address and password. Then you can play, transpose and print your music sheet.
13:27 Kae Verens: I am going to say this once more: I AM NOT USING PC OR MAC. I use Linux. the link you are pointing at gives downloads for PC and for Mac. There is no download for Linux. I cannot install your software.
13:28 Kae Verens: just give me the PDF. I can print it out directly...
13:28 Bill A: Please hold for a moment.
13:31 Bill A: Unfortunately, You can only take the prints, that’s why we do not have PDF.
13:32 Kae Verens: Then I would like a refund. There was no notification before my purchase that I would need to install software to print my purchase.
13:33 Bill A: Do you want refund?
13:33 Kae Verens: I just said that.
13:34 Bill A: I have refunded your money back to your account. Please allow 1-2 business days for the refund to appear on your statement.
13:34 Kae Verens: Thank you.
13:34 Bill A: You are most welcome.
13:35 Bill A: Thanks for chatting with us. Have a nice time. Bye!

At times, I thought I was conversing with a bot.

27 Jun

Raspberry Pi coming

I got an email earlier today saying that my Raspberry Pi would be dispatched in two weeks.

Exciting! I’m looking forward to getting back into my robot and finally giving it some intelligence.

I’ve been working on this robot idea for years, and always wanted to basically have a very very small programmable bot that could do some things intelligently, such as pick up rubbish, cut weeds, do a little but of mapping, etc.

Now I need to decide what language I’ll use for the programming.

I’ve been doing PHP and JavaScript professionally for about 15 years, but Java and C are probably more appropriate.

I think I’ll be brushing the dust off my C books!