28 Aug

SaorFM, first few commits

Last Sunday, I announced that Conor and myself were starting a new file manager called SaorFM.

We started out slow, because we want to have absolutely everything in this to be checked by PHPUnit (for console-style testing) or Selenium (for GUI testing).

We’ve got enough written that you can do the following:

  • Write and save a config file.
  • Rename/Move files.
  • Delete files/directories.
  • List the contents of a directory.

All of the above have automated tests, so we’re fairly sure they’re correct. The main class’s source is readable here, and the test’s source is readable here.

Conor is currently adding support for SaorFM into his own CMS, Furasta. I’ll be working on adding it to my own tomorrow (got relatives coming over today – busy busy!).

We need to add some more functionality to make this basically complete:

  • Move directories.
  • Upload files.

After that, things get interesting, as we’ll be adding a plugin architecture.

Tomorrow, I’ll be finishing up the basics, and will write some simple jQuery plugins to select files, select directories, upload files, etc.

Soon, we’ll be catching up on KFM in functionality ;-).

4 thoughts on “SaorFM, first few commits

  1. The core engine is nearly completed. It can handle most common file functions (move, copy, upload, delete), and has been /thoroughly/ tested. In fact, most of the coding I do is in the testing.

    This project is intended to be absolutely rock-solid.

    I have one more core function to write (get), then I’ll be ready to start work on external stuff.

    Because the engine returns pure JSON for every single operation, it is already trivial to write a client for it. I’ll be demonstrating that over the next few days with a number of different widgets. I’ll write some posts explaining it as I go.

    After that, I’ll start working on plugins.

    One of the goals I have is to surpass KFM. I think this will take a few months to do, but it can (and should) be done.

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