piano grade 2 results arrived

I did the grade 2 exam three weeks ago. The results just arrived: “successfully passed in the second grade examination in Pianoforte with first class honours”

Cool, I’ll shove that certificate up on the piano next to last year’s one.

I’m going for grade 3 in September. Was meant to do grade 2 a few months ago, but couldn’t find anywhere close that would do the examination. The nearest was in Louth, but that’s too far to walk.

Here are the examiner’s notes:

Max Marks Requirements Examiner’s Comments Marks Awarded
15 Scales & Arpeggios Very good. Good choice of speed but make sure you keep it nice and steady! Very good tone. 13
10 Sight Readng Very good. Mind the counting 9
10 Ear Tests Very good. 9
5 Theory Excellent. 5
20 First Piece Sonatina in G: You caught the mood well. Nice fluent performance. Good phrasing, tone, dynamics and technique. 18
20 Second Piece Waltz: Another lovely performance. Very good balance in left hand melody. Great attention to detail. Very enjoyable! 19
20 Third Piece Samba: Excellent rhythm throughout. Very good range of dynamics and good use of arm weight. Good control throughout. Well done! 18
Total/Additional Comments: Congratulations! Keep up the excellent work! 91

As you can guess, I’m pretty happy about this!

I’m hoping the keep up the high marks for the next exam. My teacher says my pieces for that exam are already at “pass” level, so three more months of practice can only improve that!

I’m hoping to have enough money next month (royalties from my last book) to afford a new piano and a camera, so may be able to stick some tunes online soon.

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