16 Jun

update: CMS design with jQuery and PHP

EDIT: The CMS that the book is about is available to download here.

I got an “urgent” email recently from my Packt coordinator – she told me that if I kept writing my book at the rate I was writing, then it would end up being about 500 pages.

Thing is, though – it would be tricky to reduce the chapters I’ve already done, as a half explanation is as good as no explanation at all.

So, I looked over the planned chapters again, and saw that the final three could probably be dropped without affecting the core content of the book – they were just more example plugins showing how to integrate various things with the CMS.

The book itself is on how to build a CMS in PHP, that uses jQuery to make administration easier. That has been accomplished already in the existing chapters (1-7).

I suggested to Packt that I would drop the final three chapters and rework the earlier chapters so the book was more easily read (a 40-page chapter is /not/ easy to read).

Got an email back from them yesterday saying that the plan sounded good.

So the current plan is:

  • Finish chapter 8, which is on panels and widgets.
  • Write chapter 9, which will build a plugin demonstrating panels and widgets.
  • Try to break the earlier chapters apart so that there are more chapters, with less pages per chapter.
  • profit

I think I’ll be finished the current chapters within three weeks, then take a week or two to rework the earlier chapters, then another month for rewrites, and finally the book will be published 2/3 weeks later.

So, the book may be out within two months.

After this, I’m taking a break from modern technology to write about baroque technology – I’ll be writing a book on how to build a cheap clavichord.

8 thoughts on “update: CMS design with jQuery and PHP

  1. Hi Kae,

    your book is very good, but you need to correct the line of code below:

    page 51 (66): $login_msg=(int)$_REQUEST[‘login_msg’]; <– You don't need to cast the "login_msg" parameter to an int value. The right code is: $login_msg=$_REQUEST['login_msg'];


    • hi
      I have problem with login.based on this book,after login,it shows message “login successfull” and must redirect to index.php ,but for me,it just shows the message and don’t redirect.if i add some codes for redirect to index.php, i receive message:”you don’t have permission”,i don’t know how can solve this problem. did you change the code of the login.php page(in ww.admin folder) ?

      • Mostafa, you emailed me a very very similar question only 9 hours ago. I replied to that email within the hour.

        If you find any problems with the book and are unable to resolve them, then I encourage you to download the latest version of the CMS from the SVN repository – it includes a few years of fixes and further development.

        • Thank you so much dear Kae,but I have problem to see it.because when I want to login to google code ,it refreshs instead of login!please place an other link for download.

  2. Greetings Kae. Thank you in advance for writing such a necessary prescription for creating a CMS. I have been following your code examples in the book and have had mostly good luck with putting everything together. After adding your file manager, ckeditor will not show as it did before kfm was added. My most pressing issue is receiving Fatal error ( Class Page not found in index). I can login as admin and the user side of the system is fine. I just finished with page 142 in your book. Will you please direct me in the right direction” I am a 51y/o quadriplegic, broke my neck in a car accident in 1988. I have been fooling with computers since then. I type with a velcro strap around my hand and half of a pencil shoved in there using the eraser to peck with. I have been a Slackware user since Patrick first released it. I apologize for the novel. Thought that I would introduce myself. Thanks again for authoring such a fine piece of literature. Sincerely.

  3. hi Stephen, I replied to your question on Twitter. I can’t tell with just the little detail available what exactly is causing the problem, but both WebME and KFM use the old autoload mechanism at the moment, so it’s possible that’s the problem.

    I seem to remember tackling this exact issue a while back and fixing it, so the fix is probably available in the most current stable version of the CMS, available here: http://bit.ly/kvwebme-stable

    I don’t recommend playing with the SVN version at just this minute, as I’m halfway through a very major upgrade for languages, and the SVN version is full of half-finished code while I try things between a number of different servers.

  4. Can you please solve he problem of sub-menu? After I create the sub-menu, i click View page in admin panel it shows the page link and content corretly but when i go to homepage and place mouse one the Parent menu, then i click on sub-menu, it shows 404 error and doesn’t get to the correct link

    For example: when i place mouse on the menu, then place mouse on sub-menu, it shows like this
    and show 404 page

    And if i click “View Page” in admin panel for this sub-menu, the url will be http://domain.com/sub-menu
    and page display correctly.

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