02 Jan


“Jesus is the only son of God, and if you don’t follow him, you will not be getting through the gates into Heaven”.

Anything wrong with that? Yes – it’s blasphemous, to just about every religion on Earth which is not Christian.

And so, Dermot Ahern, in his infinite wisdom, has just made the central tenet of the religion of one third of the entire planet illegal.

Well done, sir. Fucking genius idea, that.

How about this one then – “Jesus is not the son of God”. Now I’m blaspheming against Christianity.

There’s absolutely no way to win against this except to be completely silent and never discuss what you believe with anyone at all. And that means it wasn’t just Christianity that the idiot has made illegal to speak about, but all religions.

By the way, I’m an atheist. I believe in thinking about what is “true”, and in discussing it with people that are interested, and in not pushing my own beliefs on others.

I hear the door knocking – the thought police are here to take me away. Pray for me…

3 thoughts on “blasphemy!

  1. What a ridiculous law.

    I was once told by a religion teacher that I was not allowed to say the words “Jesus Christ”, as an expression, because I am not a christian. Too bad I don’t have that teacher this year as she could report me to the gardai for it..

  2. what do you mean as an expression? as in “Jesus Christ, this stuff’s crap!”?

    if so, then I don’t see why not. it’s like saying “Bollox, this stuff’s crap!” (hehe – blasphemy #1 for the day)

    in fact, Christians are the only ones with the rule saying not to use “Jesus Christ” as an expression (“don’t use the name of your god in vain”).

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