09 Nov

cheating at worddrop

Yesterday, I cheated at WordDrop, which is a Facebook game. I already had the highest score of my own network of friends, so I feel okay about this. But now that I’ve cheated, the game’s no fun any more!

WordDrop is a game where an 11×8 grid of letters is shown, and you build up words from that grid, where each letter should be linked to the one before it, with longer words getting higher scores.

I wrote a little script which basically plays the game itself, and comes up with the longest words possible.

My current score on the game is more than 500,000, and that was for a single 10-letter word. The second word the program came up with was “reselected”, which was not in the WordDrop dictionary. I just stuck with the first word and submitted that. With one word, I got a score that was about 8 times higher than my previous high score.

my script, and all files – don’t worry about the .php file – I just wrote a small scripty bit to print out the table – just download the HTML and JavaScript if you want your own copy.

11 thoughts on “cheating at worddrop

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  2. Hi, i came across this page of yours; http://verens.com/2009/11/09/cheating-at-worddrop/ …… I don’t understand what i’m supposed to do! I click on the script and enter the letters, click do it and it always says undefined. Obviously there is something i’m supposed to do regarding these javascript files, but im new to this, i dont care that much about wordrop, but i wish to fully understand how to do this as a project, im seriously thinking about a course of some kind in computer programming and want to do a quick check on if ive got any hope, lol. Please explain what im supposed to do with the html and javascript files, remembering i have basically no clue!

  3. Hi, i don’t know whether or not yet, you are going to reply to my mail, however, its been half an hour since i posted, and now im a bit smarter. I figured out how to make your script work and i’m impressed, but, sometimes it comes up with a word that word drop doesnt agree with, how do i tell it that this word does not exist in the word drop dictionary, because it invariably deletes the letters from the board even though they are still on the word drop board, sometimes just putting them back in works, but sometimes doing so causes it to become an obstinant git, lol, and it merely takes them back out again! Please help, excellent program though!

  4. You can simply copy the dictionary to somewhere else, remove any words WordDrop doesn’t like, and point the script at that dictionary.

    I really don’t want to spend a lot of time improving what was basically a half-hour distraction.

  5. hi ,what planet do you come from ,none of the word this thing spits out are recognised,what a waste of time , dont give up your day job (if you have one)

  6. Hi Pedro, I’m from a planet where people know words that don’t exist on Word-Drop. could it be… yes, Earth.

    As for waste of time – you’re trying to cheat at word-drop. Is that productive in any way?

  7. Dear Sir or Madam, There have been several perfectly legitimate 10 lettered words that Word Drop does not accept. It is hard enough to get 10 lettered words without them being rejected. Why is this so?

    • I didn’t write Word Drop so can’t be sure, but I think that they use a dictionary which only has common words in it. This is possibly to make the download quicker. There are at least 250000 words in the English language. That would be a long download, and also would slow down the app’s database.

      • Kae, Word Drp is rejecting perfectly acceptable, everyday words and it is rendering this game to 3rd rate status. Here is a partial list of rejected words; GUMBALL, CORNPIPES, PONEYTAILS, UNUTILIZED, STEELYARDS, HANSELLING, INFESTANTS. Can you contact or put me in contact with the folks who have written this game? What is wrong? Sincerely, Evan W Green.

        • I have absolutely nothing to do with the game or the game’s developers. I just wrote a solver. That’s all.

          oh, and PONEYTAILS is not a word. you mean PONYTAILS.

          • Yes, you are correct about PONYTAILS.
            I would love to contact the folks who wrote this game, do you know how to do that? Thank you. Evan

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