01 Nov

notation viewer, day 2


Spent an hour and added new abilities – you can now view music in the bass clef (and notes will be placed correctly based on that), note stems will be automatically up or down depending on staff position, and you can zoom in or out.

demo (source)

If you want to try it with your own files, create a MusicXML export (I’m using Rosegarden and NoteEdit for my own stuff), and gzip it, then place the gzipped file into the “tests” directory (for example, here).

Next step is multiple staffs, to show left and right hands simultaneously.

3 thoughts on “notation viewer, day 2

  1. Can’t believe I didn’t see this till your comment on the canvas music website. I love your implementation… I’m going to try and make a cellphone app out of it… I’ll try and keep you posted if I do.

  2. I tried to repeat your work but I can’t get the music to show on a web page. I had a look at the source code of the web page and in the ‘var music =’ there is a script of the music I don’t know how it gets there. Please can you explain.

  3. Ian, just after that line, the script reads the MusicXML file and converts it to a condensed JSON string.

    If your copy is showing absolutely nothing after the “var music=”, then check your web server logs – it’s encountering an error somewhere.

    I’ll be restarting this project soon. I was hoping that Mohit Muthanna was going to open-source his version, but I guess not, so I’ll restart this one.

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