24 Oct

jQuery 1.3 With PHP: calendars chapter is online

Packt have put one of the chapters of my book, jQuery 1.3 with PHP, online as an article.

I mentioned this chapter in June, and provided a small demo and the source.

I’ve had a few requests for example code on how to do this using a real database. I’ve been meaning to make the time to do that. I’ll get that done hopefully tomorrow.

In the meantime, though, please enjoy the article.

By the way, the book went to the printer only a few days ago, so if you want to avail of the pre-order price, now’s the time.

One thought on “jQuery 1.3 With PHP: calendars chapter is online

  1. hey,

    did you ever get round to that database example code for those of us that aren’t seasoned php experts?

    no offence ment, but the session script isn’t helpful to people with limited php expertise and those who already know how to connect a database to the calendar don’t need to read your tutorial in the first place!

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