04 Oct

KFM 1.4.2 released. now with CKeditor support


KFM 1.4.2 has been released. It’s a minor maintenance release, but it adds support for CKeditor. TinyMCE and FCKeditor have been checked as well.

demo using CKeditor

This release also adds a configurable restriction, where images larger than a certain resolution will simply not be allowed in the repository.

Very large images can cause servers to crash when the system tries to generate thumbnails, because of the large amount of RAM needed. For example, a 3000×2000 image will use up at least 24MB just to hold the thing in memory, and much more to handle the manipulation. 24MB is a large amount of RAM to a web app.

There are also some code additions which are not used by the KFM GUI, but can be used by tools that hook into the KFM engine. These allow uploaded files to be placed in directories specified at the time of upload, or to replace existing files, or even to take an uploaded image and apply HSL transformations to it (when ImageMagick is installed). These are not documented, but anyone that needs this functionality will be a good enough programmer to read the source and find it (or email me 😉 ).

Download KFM 1.4.2 here

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