29 Jun

jQuery 1.3 With PHP: Calendars

I was supposed to write about Datatables for chapter 6 of jQuery 1.3 with PHP, but the website of the plugin I was going to use (http://www.datatables.net/) was down for about a week, and so I wrote about Calendars instead.

I used Red3‘s jquery-week-calendar plugin for a recent project in work, and was so impressed I really had to write about it.

In chapter 6 of the book, I’ll walk through how to build a simple calendar, including creation and editing of events, and including once-off and recurring events.


The demo is a session-based calendar, which records only for the duration of your browser session. It’s for demo purposes only, obviously. If you want to use it in a larger project, you would need to adapt the PHP so that it records to a database or files or something.


Here’s an image of it in use:


Only four or so chapters left and then I’m done with the hard part. After that, is rewrites, then you can all throw your money at me.

19 thoughts on “jQuery 1.3 With PHP: Calendars

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  2. Hi Kae,
    Nice work you’ve done here 🙂
    btw, I still can’t figure out how to use this with database MySQL, could please show me in brief example?

    keep up the good work,

  3. Hi Kae, i’m really desperate to figure out how to contect to a mysql database with php using this calendar, but like many other people i’ve got no idea how to adapt your session based script to use a database.

    please please please can you give an example php script for this?



  4. lol! yeah, it would be nice if I had the time!

    I /am/ planning on writing up a proper example, but I simply have no time at the moment. Keep tuned.

    To be honest, I’m actually surprised I would need to do this – the hard part was the interaction of the calender with the server; the rest is just a matter of saving it in a database. There’s nothing esoteric about it.

    I also don’t like going back over old examples. Maybe if I write up an enhancement? For example, this article was about a weekly view, but it would be nice to have it switch to a monthly view on demand.

    I do plan on doing this, hopefully this weekend, but I have two paying jobs I need to complete first, and I’m not sure they’ll leave much time afterwards.

  5. Hi!

    I have downloaded the plugin and its great. Am using it for a school project but like most of the people i hv looked around for weeks now and still cant figure out how to use it with MYSQL database….

    Great work though….


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