21 May

jQuery 1.3 With PHP: tiny file manager

For chapter 5 of my book, jQuery 1.3 with PHP, I wrote a small file manager. It doubles up as a file selector.


You would use this in an admin area where it is necessary to select files or directories, and you’d also like to create/rename/move those things around.


Try a few things on it – change the selection in the two select-boxes, move a few things around, etc. I think it’s useful and nicely compact.

You can download it here along with the examples that lead up to the finished thing. You will also need a copy of jQuery and uploadify.

To install, just link to your copies of the above libraries, correct the $base variable in the .php file, and in the .js file, change ../jquery.uploadify-v1.6.2/ (in the fm_uploadFileSetup function) to wherever you installed it.

$base should point somewhere outside of the web root, as the file manager does not discriminate between innocent files such as test.txt and potentially harmful files such as hackme.php. A downloader is included which allows any files uploaded through this to also be downloaded through it.

One thought on “jQuery 1.3 With PHP: tiny file manager

  1. Hey Kae man, good to see some more progress on the book! I might look into incorporating this into Expression Engine 😀

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