02 May

webme r95 packaged

I’ve packaged WebME revision 95, and it is available from the WebME Downloads page.

Improvements include:

  • Plugin architecture. Developer documentation
  • Sample plugins:
    • Banners: provide site-wide or page-specific banners; randomly rotate multiple banners.
    • Forms: show contact forms on your site. Can be templated – documentation to be written, but simple usage should be obvious.
    • Image Gallery: turn a directory of images into a gallery automatically.
    • Mailing List: written by Conor; accept subscriptions on your site; bulk email them.
    • Panels: lets you edit a section of HTML which is visible on every page of your site.
    • Polls: let your readers vote for stuff.
  • Some bug-fixes.

I’ve added a boat-load of new themes to the free site builder, so please feel free to create a site and try it out.

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