03 Apr

inline multi-selects

I just came across this project while looking through referers to this site.

Inline multi-selects – the examples show exactly what is meant – what a brilliantly usable way to select options! I’ve never thought of doing anything like that before. It’s human-readable, and much more friendly than the usual selectbox method.

What’s particularly usable about it is that the selected items are presented as an inline list using natural human language (English for example), instead of a long list with some options ticked.

And I was impressed with myself to see that I might have helped influence it, as my own multi-select widget from 4 years back is referenced.

Cool work, bjorsq (you?), and I /know/ that I will be using that one. I can already imagine using it to select what mailinglists I would want to send an email to (my latest PHP&jQuery project – yet to be properly announced)