webme.eu, WebMEµ

Morning all!

The WebME CMS has a new home, at webme.eu. You can download the CMS from the Downloads page there.

Tonight, I should have the first version of the site-builder ready. I’m calling it WebMEµ (webme-mu; web management engine – multi-user), inspired by Donncha’s http://mu.wordpress.org/ project. This will allow a load of separate CMSes to run from the same engine. Donncha – I love the feature list – #5 is a corker! (Ambiguity about how to pronounce its name).


  1. This project is moving very quickly I have to say! 🙂

  2. well when you think about it, the code was mostly there already – I’m just cleaning it up.

    working on it now – hopefully people will be able to create their own sites in a few hours.

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