11 Jan

webme: themes, package and new site


OK – finally, there is something that you can download as a package, with a theme an’ all!

You can get the package from the WebME downloads page.

See what I did there? I linked to another site – that site is the new home of Webworks WebME, until we come up with a better domain name. Note that the webme.verens.com website is itself running with a copy of the CMS. Eating my own dog food, dontchaknow!

I’ve added the ability to choose which theme to use for the site. You can do this very simply – download a new theme (or create one yourself) from the downloads page, and unzip it in /ww.skins/. Then in the admin area, go to users and admins > site options and click the theme you want to use. Couldn’t be simpler!

Also, I’ve added in some search functionality. If the site detects a search GET request, and no page name is selected, then a search results page is shown. If there is no existing search results page already then one is generated automatically and added to the database (and hidden from navigation).

I’ve been through the installation process a few times now, and I think I’ve ironed out the obvious problems. Please give this a try. I’m going to take a break, fix a Linux problem for a friend, then work on the new multi-user version of WebME that I mentioned yesterday.