03 Jan

webme: admin area

It’s taking me quite a while to release this thing! Mostly it’s because I’m vetting the code as I go and rewriting the bits that I’m not happy with. This causes differences between what is released and what we still have in-house. I’m taking care to try keep the code as compatible as possible.

screen1 - main details

This stage of the release has introduced a major fork. The in-house version of WebME has two different types of user account, admins and front-end users. They’re kept in separate database tables. This happened due to evolution, not design – we had admins longer than we needed front-end users, and when it became necessary to create front-end users, the admins table had become too specialised to be used for that purpose.

So, I’ve ripped out all user/admin code from the new version, and rewritten it as a more maintainable “users and groups” table list. The only difference between a front-end user and an admin now is that an admin is a member of the group “administrators”.

There were further differences, but they’re not as visible as that one.

Anyway – we finally have something visible, but it’s only in the admin area. The front-end is still not visible. All good things come to those who wait, and by the amount of waiting I’m causing, this had better be great when it finally comes!

If you want to see the admin area in action (at least, the Pages section of it), you can download the work in progress here.

2 thoughts on “webme: admin area

  1. Nice.

    Just saw an error in the installation. On line 47 of step1.php you have written require ‘footer’; instead of require “footer.php”;

    also on common.php on line 131 require_once ‘MDB2.php’; that file doesn’t seem to exist. At least its throwing up an error for me.

  2. cool. thanks. footer problem is fixed. the MDB2 problem, though, is not an error – MDB2 is a Pear library which will be needed for the application to work. I suppose I’d better adjust the installer to check that the needed Pear libraries are included.

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