29 Oct

argh! fedora 10

I should know better.

Every six months a new version of Fedora comes out, and every six months, I upgrade before it’s stable and screw up my computer.

For the sake of anyone else who encounters the same problem (bloody nothing loads – Gnome fails to load and Firefox fails as well), just downgrade to the Pango and Cairo libraries from Fedora 9.

update: if your machine boots, but only after you hit the keyboard a load of times, then try booting using the FC9 kernel instead.

btw: for some sad parties (myself included ūüėČ ): geansai gorm

4 thoughts on “argh! fedora 10

  1. You are Crazy.

    I read up on the whole geansa√ɬ≠ gorm thing. I considered getting a domain and taking part – but i simply do not want to spend the money! The name http://www.mogheansaigorm.com is still available btw. Also the plural for geansai gorm is ‘Geansaithe Gorma’, people were asking so i thought that i’d clear it up!

    So you invested money and time (which i would do if i had internet access and money) into the geansai gorm competition and your not even in the top ten on Google!

    Get it together Kae, if your being Crazy you may aswell do it properly.

  2. one of the rules is that you can’t use the keywords geansai gorm in the URL itself.

    lol! I’m not crazy yet. The index keeps changing. I was #3 a few days ago and I’m sure that given a little effort on my part I could get back up there.

  3. A real pain in fairness. I always end up juggling between seemingly incompatible requirements:

    1. I want to develop on a platform that is very similar to the production platform (usually a shared hosting package). These tend to have older versions of PHP and MySQL. My choice is usually CentOS.

    2. I want to use some of the newer funky PHP frameworks but can’t due to their requirements for later versions of PHP. In this case I usually end up using php-cgi under CentOS – if it ain’t broken…

    3. I don’t want to have to upgrade/break my OS every six months!

    Lately I’ve been using Sun’s VirtualBox to address the problem and my initial experiences are pretty favourable.

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