innerHTML in php-dom

DOM does not officially have an innerHTML parameter, but it’s incredibly useful. I found a need for something similar when working on some DOM stuff, so had to write a version.

function string_getInsertedString($long_string,$short_string,$is_html=false){
  if($short_string>=strlen($long_string))return false;
  if($is_html && $inserted_string[$insertion_length-1]=='<'){
  return $inserted_string;
function DOMElement_getOuterHTML($document,$element){
  return string_getInsertedString($html,$html2,true);

Okay, this is outerHTML, not inner, but if you want the innerHTML, then just do something like this:


There is possibly a better way of doing this, but the above worked for me in the “throwaway” code I was writing.


  1. Hello!

    This is a wonderful script, good work! It really saved my day.
    Thank you so much! Hope its okey to use it as part in a little cms
    system where building?

    In any way, please send me a mail telling its okey.
    Otherwise I will remove it.


    Best regards

  2. Adrian – totally fine. you’re free to use it as you wish.

  3. Hi Guys,

    There is an easy and clean way of doing it using DOMDocument class itself.

    See the example below.

    function convertNodeToDOM($domNode) {

    //this function receives a node and converts it to Dom document

    $doc = new DOMDocument();


    return $doc;


    $tmpDOM = convertNodeToDOM($tmpDiv); //tmp div can be retrieves using getElementById etc

    $innerHTML = saveHTML($tmpDOM);


  4. Expanding on Lokesh’s solution…

    To get the innerHTML of a specific element ($elem_id) in a specific html file ($filepath), you have to accommodate multiple children in that element:

    $innerHTML = ”;
    $doc = new DOMDocument();
    $elem = $doc->getElementById($elem_id);

    // loop through all childNodes, getting html
    $children = $elem->childNodes;
    foreach ($children as $child) {
    $tmp_doc = new DOMDocument();
    $innerHTML .= $tmp_doc->saveHTML();

  5. HI,

    Can i use innerhtml using Php?


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