07 May

NIN, The_Slip

NIN - The Slip

Fresh from the success of their recent release, Ghosts, which Bronwyn has been playing non-stop since our CD arrived (and for weeks before using the MP3s downloaded from the Interweb), Nine Inch Nails has released a new album and gone even further.

Yes, this album is totally free for you to download. All they ask is that you sign up for it via their site. However, as the album is licensed via Creative Commons Non-Commercial, it is also legal for you to download via bittorrent if you prefer.

The album is available in MP3, M4A, FLAC and even 24/96 WAV (for freaks that want a 1.2GB album taking up space).

NIN are recommending that people take the album and produce remixes from it. (That site doesn’t work well in Firefox in Linux btw – fix it, please – remember I bought a ticket for your concert in the RDS way back in ’96? Go on Trent, be a pal!)

As for the sound, I think it’s more accessible than Year Zero (although I think over time, I will prefer Year Zero) on a first listen. There is the usual layered approach to the music, where textured “landscapes” are drawn up. Interestingly, in some tracks, the layers appear to be deliberately off-time from each other (Echoplex, for example).

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