29 Mar

KFM 1.3b released

In two weeks, I hope to release 1.3 proper. The 1.3b release is pretty-much bug-free. The only outstanding things are very minor. Oh – and the fact that it doesn’t work at all in IE8b1, which doesn’t bother me yet.

A small list of the more important new features:

  • open KFM with a preselected directory or file
  • resize multiple files at a time
  • KFM is templateable now (design your own interface!)
  • new languages: Persian, Swedish
  • plugins! You can now write your own KFM plugins

more info here

I’d recommend anyone that works with CMSes to have a look at this project.

3 thoughts on “KFM 1.3b released

  1. I don’t think there’s much point in worrying about ie8 yet. A few people seemingly have already started to tailor their designs for it without realising that the rendering engine is no where near finished! I got a job as a sub-contractor should be a good source of income! What projects are you guys working on? still no sign of a new webworks homepage? 😛

  2. Maria is working on a new design right now. As for current projects – a lot of cool improvements to webme – totally multi-lingual, management of SMS, ezines, ads. Also, a /huge/ project on the horizon which will be awesome and I can’t talk about it yet 😉

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