terry pratchett new book?

I was reading through Sky’s site for the Colour Of Magic film, and noticed that the book list (under Terry Pratchett > The Books) includes a book called “The Ullustrated Wee Free Men” due out this year. There does not seem to be mention of it anywhere else online… anyone know anything about it?

Oh – and “David Jason” is mis-spelled as “Daivid Jason” in the title of one of the videos in Video > Behind The Magic


  1. “The Wee Free Men”; second Disc World Story for young readers (the first one having been “Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents”). First published in 2003, and the illustrated (the site seems to have a typo:) version came out last year.

  2. hmm… what a waste of a post! I should have realised that if they can spell an actor’s name wrong then they can also spell a book’s name wrong.

  3. I still re-read Good Omens by pratchett and neil gaiman. still a funny book πŸ˜€

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