25 Mar

error loading kqemu?

Fedora does not come with the kqemu kernel module installed. You need to either compile it yourself, or download an RPM of it from somewhere. I use ATrpms myself.

When you try to install it, with the line “modprobe kqemu“, you might get this error:

FATAL: Error inserting kqemu (/lib/modules/ Invalid module format

All you need to do to fix this is to open the kqemu.ko file with Vim (or a lesser text editor if you will), and replace the string ‘586’ with ‘686’ then save and retry.

3 thoughts on “error loading kqemu?

  1. Fabio – yeah, sorry I didn’t make that clear – the file is the actual binary module. You need to edit the actual binary file and replace the string 586 with 686 (be careful not to change anything else) then save the file. with something like vim, you can search for the string easily (/586), or you can just replace it immediately (:%s/586/686/g)

  2. Great Kae,
    the workaround works fine in my fc8.
    I did not edit a compiled file since lot of years 🙂
    do you know why it’s such a kind of problem in a fedora distro where I hope the rpm are all very tested?!!??!

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