11 Mar

the challenge

Write a Sudoku solver in JavaScript in under 5k by 9am tomorrow morning. The prize? Two beers. Who can resist?

My colleague Bartosz for some reason thinks I’m not able to do this. I have no idea why…

By 9am tomorrow morning I’ll have the code up with a working demo.

…and No, I will not be looking at other people’s solutions. That would be cheating, and would also spoil the fun.

Feel free to submit your own solutions.

edit: 8:04am the next day here it is. Will solve most puzzles I think, but not very hard ones. I think I’ll need to try it against the Irish Times puzzles to win the bet.

edit: 9:26 yesterday’s Irish Times puzzles <– I am 2 beers richer.

4 thoughts on “the challenge

  1. not the kind of code I’d release in something formal, mind you. the javascript in the demo is raw – it has not been optimised in any way – that’s exactly how it came out of my head and down onto the computer. there are many things I’d do to improve it, but there y’are – kinda shows that sometimes I think in loops!

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