19 Feb

oki b2200 shared over samba

Spent a while looking for info on this online, but couldn’t find it.

We have a windows machine which has a few printers on it. I want to connect to it from Linux (Fedora 8).

First, share the printer via windows share. Give it a name like OKIB2200.

Now, open system-config-printer

Choose “New Printer”, then “Windows Printer via SAMBA”. If that option does not appear, then close out of system-config-printer and install samba (yum install samba*) then repeat the above.

Enter the appropriate smb address. In my case, it was smb://mshome/

Click “Verify” to make sure it’s accessible (if not, check spelling in the URL. if still not, I dunno…).

For the Make, choose Generic

For the Model, choose PCL 4 (laserjet).

test, and you’re done.

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