29 Jan

kfm tutorials, languages, plugins, etc

Interesting. I just came across a small tutorial in Thai, showing how to install KFM. I had come across another previously in greek, but it’s exciting to see a non-european language version.

On the languages front, KFM is still spreading. There is a Persian translation, as well as Swedish. The Persian is particularly exciting because it’s the first right-to-left language in KFM. I’m not sure if it’s correct, as I don’t speak Persian and the translator hasn’t supplied corrections yet, but it’s exciting none-the-less.

I haven’t had the time recently to work on KFM, but Benjamin ter Kuile has been doing a sterling job creating a plugin framework, allowing external developers to eventually write plugins for their own KFM installations without needing to understand all of KFM. If you want to try his work, download a copy of KFM from SVN, and try some of his plugins, or build your own!.