06 Jan

2008 plans

yes. another resolutions page. I’ll call them plans, though, as “resolutions” sounds a bit certain. in my experience, nothing is certain, even promises.

so, my plans:

  • lose a half-stone. when I married Herself, I was 12 stone. this was probably partly caused by the anti-depressants I was on at the time. since then, it took me a few months to manage to cut down to 11 stone. my ideal weight is more like 10 stone, but I’m finding it incredibly difficult to do that – I just seem to be stuck at 11. so, this year’s plan is to get down to 10.5.
  • build the new robot – I want a very small form-factor machine (gumstix or linutop). it should have caterpillar tracks, a robotic arm, and a cutting tool. my current bot is about 9’x14′. the new one should be at most 6’x6′. the software is not yet complete, but at least this will get the hardware out of the way
  • get my finances back under control. for the last few years, I’ve had negative values in almost all of my bank accounts. about time I managed to fix that. I have one account under control by basically denying myself access to it and setting up a standing order into it. the same plan should work with everything else. the plan is to on average raise the total value of each account by a set value every month. this value (none of your damned business 😉 ) should be measured on a specific day each month.
  • build a collapsible mini-ramp. I can’t make it to the local skate-park very often, so the plan is to build something that I can wheel out to the garden when I feel like some exercise. it should be big enough that I can use my bike on it as well as my skateboard.

notice that none of these are vague. it’s been shown that when a resolution is vague, it usually does not happen. an exact plan, though, gives solid goals that can be reached.

5 thoughts on “2008 plans

  1. Best of luck with it Kae. It makes sense that having specific plans works better than vague ones.
    My current “plans” are to lose a stone and resurrect my old PC and transform it into an entertainment centre. Got a HD TV during the year and it has a PC input which makes things very easy. Got started on it yesterday by installing Fluxbuntu. So that has started well.
    The losing a stone….not so well. But working on it.

  2. i was hoping at least a plan for webworks was to launch a new site? get it sorted! haha i know you guys are crazily busy I heard you got a new developer on board? and danny gave up the web game before he even started lol

  3. lol! yeah, Danny’s going upstairs to do graphic design for another company. Web design is not quite his thing. We have a new guy, Janusz, who’s Polish and freaking huge. He’s actually working right now on a new webworks design. This time it will be multilingual – English and Polish. I might even brush off my old dictionaries and try an Irish translation.

  4. Kae,

    I need your help with borders.js. I will really appreciate if you can help with my issue. I am using the file on my website but I applied another script and a conflict occurred. Below is the file that is causing the conflict:

    var last_expanded = ”;

    function showHide(id)
    var obj = document.getElementById(id);

    var status = obj.className;

    if (status == ‘hide’) {

    if (last_expanded != ”) {
    var last_obj = document.getElementById(last_expanded);
    last_obj.className = ‘hide’;

    obj.className = ‘show’;

    last_expanded = id;
    } else {
    obj.className = ‘show’;

    Could you please help look into this. I will really appreciate ur help.

  5. you should really have replied on one of the Borders articles then – please send me more details in an email (kae@verens.com) including a URL where I can see the problem, and I’ll have a look into it tonight.

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