03 Nov

today's ANN goals

I’ve been doing well over the last two weeks – I started with an ANN which can balance a pole, and upped that by then creating a net which could recognise letters.

The plan for today is a bit more ambitious. I’m writing it down here in case it takes longer than a day to write it. In general, I want to write a PHP application which will allow you to upload images, which the ANN will then try to recognise. If it gets it right, all well and good. If it gets it wrong, you can correct it.

Some milestones for the project:

  • readers can upload images and have them tested and/or added to the training sequence
  • extraction of image pixels using <canvas>
  • automatic creation of new neurons as they are required
  • best net is stored on server, so new readers always start with a working net

I think this may grow into a damned cool thing – I’m already thinking of other cool features like distributed nets, or background nets which can be placed in other pages of a site so the thing can continue training even though the user is not actively viewing the thing (that might be a bit cheeky though).

Anyway – now that I’ve written what I intend to do, I suppose I’d better actually do it.

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