18 Oct

Front Line Assembly – Fallout

Wow! It’s been a long time since I was excited by FLA. As a teenager, I was blown away by the proto-industrial efforts in Corrosion and Disorder, and especially Tactical Neural Implant. Millennium came out with its reinterpretation of Pantera’s guitar riffs and was a hit with me as well, even if it was very very different from their previous electronic work. After Hard Wired, though, I kind of floated away to other bands – rediscovering Skinny Puppy and starting to figure out mainstream bands such as Muse, Arcade Fire, etc.

Fallout is touted as a remix album, with some mixes by the band itself, some by others, and some new songs by FLA. I think, though, that it can stand as an original album itself. There’s none of the usual rubbish that you would get with “pop” remixes (garbled and stuttered words, and poor rebuilds) – every song on this album appears to have been polished and given an individual feel. If you want a more reliable indicator of how cool this album is – even my 1-year old daughter was hyper while I was playing it. Rocking and waving her tiny little hands like an EBM poster child.

If you hanker after your industrial youth, thrashing away all night to the likes of Wumpscut, Covenant, Apoptygma Berzerk, etc, then this album is for you. After listening to this album, I wish I was in Dublin ten years younger, downing a Pernod and Red Bull on the bus in for a night in Dominion followed by an early morning on the roof of Garvan‘s flat downing home-made peach schnapps.

Enough from me – I’m off to work on my KFM project.

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