06 Oct

Elena Rosa Posse Oliver

A few months ago, my sister and her husband Juan went to Spain to visit his family.

One day, Tarynn bought a pregnancy test. After using it, she was puzzling over the results with Juan. Their spanish was not good enough to tell anything for certain, so Juan brought the thing into his aunt. She took a look at it, and immediately grabbed Tarynn in a huge hug.

After a suprisingly long wait, my sister has given birth to her second child, Elena.

There are a few things surprising about this. Her first, James, was born a few months early with a hole in his heart. He has since grown into the most amazing lad, with a huge memory and unstoppable creativity.

At the time, Tarynn was told she would never have another child. I think we can safely say that the doctors were wrong.

There was always the worry that Elena would be born early as well, so it is a great relief that all went so smoothly!

Juan, Tarynn – I hope to be see you around Christmas. The pints are on me.