04 Sep

Daniel in Computer Arts

Daniel - Computer Arts

This is an “artist exposure” page from this month’s Computer Arts (issue 140). Daniel Shiels is one of our designers, who we are training up in various web techs before we decide to fire him 😉

Daniel was thrilled to find he had been profiled in the magazine. We’re thrilled for him.

Speaking of web designers, we’re hiring! If you are Monaghanese and looking for a job in web design, and have experience in CSS and HTML, and perhaps even creating templates for CMSes, then come talk to us! You’ll get to see my face all day!

3 thoughts on “Daniel in Computer Arts

  1. Sound! Good to see Danny gettin some recognition! I wonder if yez need help with ur more straight-forward projects! The new theme is.. interesting haha

  2. you know me – bored! I upgraded to the latest svn version of wordpress, and also upgr^H^H^H^Hchanged the theme while I was at it. not the best, but change is good. I might change again in a while.

    As for work – you’re in sasanach-land, right? 😉 come back to us when you get bored – we will have work for you. Learn your PHP first, though, and your HTML, CSS and especially JavaScript. but then, come back to us. We will have work for you.

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