29 Aug

KFM 1.1 released

It’s not even been a month yet, but I think 1.1 is ready. 1.0 was the real test, and a load of bug fixes went into it on an almost daily rate until a week ago, when no more bugs were reported. I managed to squeeze in a number of the requested improvements, and KFM 1.1 is now ready for release.

I think the most important part of this current release is that SQLite PDO is now supported. This means that a person who does not have a MySQL or PostGres database as part of their hosting package might still be able to use KFM. This involved building a database abstraction layer abstraction layer (not a typo), so MDB2 can be used for the “normal” databases.

It was fun to solve the IE7 problem where normal JavaScript dialogs are considered to be “popups”. The way I solved it was to create a modal window which passes its value forward to a referred function. Those of you that are good JavaScript writers might be interested to read the source and see my solution – I’m damned proud of it!

There’s a lot of work to do to prepare KFM for the next big thing (changeable view types – icon view, details view, etc), and I’m “rearing at the bit” to get started on that!

Anyway, please download and try it!, and if you feel very happy that I’ve improved your customers’ online experiences, there is a handy PayPal button just below the big green Download button.