jareth the artist

Jareth is always suprising me with his drawing skills. Usually, there is a point to them – he would draw a wineglass on a table with himself standing right next to it, looking at it. He draws all humans like Blue from Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, except for his sister Boann, who he draws like a small sitting human. It’s fascinating.

Here are some of his recent creations.

  • Boann got a toy laptop from her uncle Mick (my brother). Jareth has drawn himself playing with it, in the hope that his drawing will come true.
    Jareth playing with his sister’s laptop
  • Not sure why the bowl says “Dog” – we have two cats, but no dogs. But impressive for a 3-year-old to do this anyway!
    Jareth feeds a dog…
  • He’s drawn a scene like this one a few times before. From left-to-right, it’s my fridge/freezer, microwave (with something cooking in it) and stove (with something cooking on it). I think it was a hint that he was hungry.
  • His latest – looks like him riding a bike, but not enjoying it too much.
    riding a bike

Last night, I was considering whether to try interest him in architecture or engineering when he gets to that age – if he’s this attentive to detail at 3, imagine how he will be at 18?

update – 15:38

Just caught him in the act. Here he is drawing two people. I presume one of them is me (holding an umbrella???) and the other is Bronwyn.


PS: KFM 1.0 was released over the weekend – get it!


  1. They all look very “cartoonish”, which is great! I’d love to see the drawings of Boann that you describe; it’s interesting how he specifically draws her differently.

  2. yeah – I love the cartoon quality of them as well. I don’t have one of Boann yet, but have just added two photos of him caught in the act.

  3. hi.. I’m sorry but this is the last post I read on this blog… It has become too personal

  4. that’s …weird… is that spam? if not – who forced you to read it in the first place?

  5. What a muppet! Surely a blog called “klog: php, linux, ajax, javascript, kae verens” (notice the name in that list) is entitled to have stuff about Kae’s life in it? It’s certainly not the first post he’s written about himself and his family. Besides, it’s nice to have a light note in a generally technical blog.

  6. His art style is class! Even better than danny sheils’ stuff! haha

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