05 Aug

KFM 1.0 released

Today, I released KFM 1.0, a web-based file manager powered by php/ajax with mysql/postgresql/sqlite.

This is an important release for me, as it marks the completion of the original feature-set that I had in mind when I first started the project – match and exceed FCKeditor‘s default file manager, and provide extras such as multiple file upload and tags.

I was considering giving this a rest for a while before starting on version 2, which will have a lot more “desktop” tricks in it – different view modes, live streaming of videos, vector graphics, plugins – but I feel energised right now, so may just get to work on it.

ohloh considers this project to be worth about $889,277, and you get it for free, so please download it, try it, and comment about it.

5 thoughts on “KFM 1.0 released

  1. Hey Kae, Glad to see you finally reached that golden milestone 😉 Seems like a long time ago that you decided that stuff it, you were gonna make your own file manager. With blackjack. And hookers. I presume this will be integrated with webME?

    I was going to mail you guys in the office, but I figured that this might get more attention against the myriad of spam and e-mails that float into Webworks office. I hope all is well there & that everything is chugging along nicely. I hear tell there’s fresh meat there?

    Say hi to everyone in the office for me!


  2. It’ll be integrated with WebME as soon as I get a moment free. This release has a /load/ of stability patches, so I should get less hassle from the clients, and that is incentive enough for me!

    Yup – we have a new guy, Daniel Shiels. He comes from an illustration background, so we need to teach him HTML, etc. He’ll catch on soon enough, though, and I’m sure his work will be interesting. Here’s some of his art: artwork. Not sure exactly how that fits in with web design, but hey – neither do 3d models!

    Nice to hear from you – I hope your Dublin crowd are treating you well – looking forward to seeing your name next to some web design awards (not the golden spiders… /real/ awards). I’ll pass your regards on to the lads (and Maria).

  3. thanks, Donncha – it’s been an adventure. People sometimes surprised me by submitting startling new abilities (Benjamin Ter Kuile submitted a patch integrating CodePress, for example), and it was an education on how PHP can go wrong in many environments – on Windows, OSX, and even in Linux! A whole year of education in what I thought I already knew. I feel ready to start on another year.

  4. Excelent piece of software!
    I’ve been using KFM since it was 0.5 and i’ve been very happy with it! The feature I most like about it it’s that you can install it by unzipping and editing 3 lines of text and as is, it delivers more features than almosta all file managers i’ve used.

    Great Work!

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