08 May

kfm 0.9a, I suppose

As is traditional for the past few releases, I’ve gotten tired of looking at the list of feature requests, and pushed a load of them off into the future. There have been sufficient improvements in KFM to warrant a new .x release.

This is 0.9a and not 0.9 proper – as such, only the English translation is complete. 0.9 will be released in a week or so, once I’ve given the translators time to work on this release’s new strings.

the nightly archive is essentially KFM 0.9

Cool new features:

  • Multiple File Uploads – uses SWFUpload. Still a little buggy, but worthy!
  • Single and Multiple File Downloads (multiple file downloads only works in Firefox)
  • “Lightbox” image viewer – allows images to be previewed within the browser.
  • Slideshow – you can select a load of images and have them shown in a slideshow.
  • Create Zip Archive – select some files, then zip them up.
  • Copy Files – when you drag files into a directory, you will be asked whether you want to move or copy them.
  • Rename Directory – it was technically difficult to rename directories before, as the database entries for contained files and directories would then be broken. I changed the schema, and it was suddenly easy.
  • Basic Security has been implemented. You can set a username/password from within the configuration, and there are other ways as well.

When the main 0.9 is released, I’ll give out more full details – a huge amount of work went into this, and the above list is only of the more obvious new features.