02 May

KFM is slowly spreading…

article promoting KFM …in Greek.

Of course, Greek is not one of the many languages that KFM is available in, so if a reader of that article comes across this post, you can mail your Greek translation here 😉.

On the progress front, I haven’t had much time to work on KFM recently, having just finished the end exam for a post-grad course with Open University.

There are some cool improvements on the way for 0.9, though. You can already upload multiple files simultaneously in the development version, and there is a slideshow implemented which allows you to show a selected list of images, all fitted nicely into the screen. I’ve also thought of a way to force multiple files to download simultaneously, but have yet to test it. Also, there are numerous new CMS “hooks”.

One thought on “KFM is slowly spreading…

  1. Hi – I left a message on Bronwyn’s blog but I’m not sure if she uses it….
    Basically, I used to go to school with Bronwyn and I’m arranging a 10 year reunion. We’re having trouble tracking down about 11 people so I’ve been googling like mad and I’m hoping I’ve found Bronwyn McEntee!!
    Could you ask her to mail me at maria_heffernan@yahoo.com? The reunion is on May 19th in Westmanstown, Clonsilla. I really hope she can make it but if not, maybe she’ll mail me anyway to catch up!!
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