08 May

kfm 0.9a, I suppose

As is traditional for the past few releases, I’ve gotten tired of looking at the list of feature requests, and pushed a load of them off into the future. There have been sufficient improvements in KFM to warrant a new .x release.

This is 0.9a and not 0.9 proper – as such, only the English translation is complete. 0.9 will be released in a week or so, once I’ve given the translators time to work on this release’s new strings.

the nightly archive is essentially KFM 0.9

Cool new features:

  • Multiple File Uploads – uses SWFUpload. Still a little buggy, but worthy!
  • Single and Multiple File Downloads (multiple file downloads only works in Firefox)
  • “Lightbox” image viewer – allows images to be previewed within the browser.
  • Slideshow – you can select a load of images and have them shown in a slideshow.
  • Create Zip Archive – select some files, then zip them up.
  • Copy Files – when you drag files into a directory, you will be asked whether you want to move or copy them.
  • Rename Directory – it was technically difficult to rename directories before, as the database entries for contained files and directories would then be broken. I changed the schema, and it was suddenly easy.
  • Basic Security has been implemented. You can set a username/password from within the configuration, and there are other ways as well.

When the main 0.9 is released, I’ll give out more full details – a huge amount of work went into this, and the above list is only of the more obvious new features.

02 May

KFM is slowly spreading…

article promoting KFM …in Greek.

Of course, Greek is not one of the many languages that KFM is available in, so if a reader of that article comes across this post, you can mail your Greek translation here 😉.

On the progress front, I haven’t had much time to work on KFM recently, having just finished the end exam for a post-grad course with Open University.

There are some cool improvements on the way for 0.9, though. You can already upload multiple files simultaneously in the development version, and there is a slideshow implemented which allows you to show a selected list of images, all fitted nicely into the screen. I’ve also thought of a way to force multiple files to download simultaneously, but have yet to test it. Also, there are numerous new CMS “hooks”.