20 Apr

kfm, stuff

I’m currently listening to Nine Inch Nails’ new album, Year Zero. There are some cool songs on it – “Me, I’m not”, “God-given” and “My Violent Heart” for example. “The Beginning Of The End” sounds just like the cover they did of Gary Numan’s “Metal” a few years back. I guess the beat was difficult to get out of the head. Anyway – good album.

KFM is coming along steadily. version 0.9 is about three weeks away, I think, and the big 1.0 will only be a few weeks past that. I’m thinking of 0.9 as “feature complete”, and a release candidate, but I want to give it a few weeks of bug testing before officially announcing it as 1.0. 0.9 has a few new things, the most interesting of which (in my opinion) is the ability to upload multiple files, using SWFUpload. Also, there’s a new Slideshow trick, and other stuff.

Just got online again at home. Using digiweb‘s “wireless” broadband. What they mean by “wireless” is that the DSL comes in through an aerial instead of the phoneline, and is then “wired” from that point. So, I got a wireless router today to replace the wired one they had provided (which was causing amusing trips by the kids etc) and am just setting up this machine’s wifi as I type.

Next week, I’m heading down to the big smoke (Dublin) to do the final exam for my course. I was hoping to attend the monthly PHPUG pub-crawl, but my wife has other plans (her plans are to stop me from attending it).