09 Feb

KFM 0.8

function getKfmFile(version){
var lang=document.getElementById(‘lang’).value

Demo English



download it at the KFM website

New Features

  • New language: Romanian (thanks to Andrei Suscov)
  • Return thumbnails to the opener (35, 142)
  • Tag engine (12, 13, 143), allowing files to be categorised, and searched by category.
  • Client-side syntax highlighted text editing (125, 126) using CodePress.
  • Rename multiple files (103). This allows you to select a group of files, and rename them all to a common format.


  • Multi-line captions (89)
  • ImageMagick used where possible (152, 111), allowing huge images to be edited without PHP running out of memory.
  • KFM will return either a normal URL (155), or a URL which allows the get.php script to be used to retrieve the file. The advantage to using get.php is that in the future, we will be able to apply authentication, so only authorised users can read a file. This also allows thumbnails to be built on-the-fly.
  • The database tables can use a specified prefix now (129).
  • Double-click can be configured to either send the file back to the opener (FCKeditor, your CMS, etc), or to open the file directly (120).
  • config.php split into two files, allowing easier upgrades (146).
  • when moving through files with the arrow keys, the selected file will always be visible (110).
  • KFM can now be used to manage multiple sites through one instance (154).
  • A metrics logger has been added (134). This will allow us to know what versions of KFM are in use, and whether it is safe to deprecate certain features if need be.
  • Comments can now be extracted from .gif files to be used as captions (88).
  • Documentation written on how to transfer a KFM archive from one machine to another (161).
  • Many bug fixes (159, 97, 156, 149, 68, 157, 147, 148, 144, 102, 145, 118, 140, 141, 98, 139, 135, 150, 151, 165, 167, 164, 162, 160, 113, 163).
  • Some ideas were rejected (112, 21, 131, 19, 18).

As usual, this release has been helped along by the many testers in the forum, testers who have contacted me by email, and all of the translators.

Very large thanks to Benjamin Ter Kuile, who has been very actively hacking away at the KFM code and produced such gems as the CodePress integration.

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