26 Jan

The Strats

This post is not in any way technical – I’d just like to point people at the website of my friend Will Ludford’s band, The Strats. They’re a two-piece blues band with a sound like Dire Straits, Will on guitars, and Nigel Branigan on keyboards, who play their own music – in Will’s words, “I’ve got blues albums by people and I must have about forty versions of Hoochie Coochie Man and I just [don’t] want to do another one. I think people deserve a bit better”.

I must admit, I listened to their album once, and thought “it’s okay”, but after listening to it a few times, some bits just started sticking in my head, in that annoying “damnit, this is catchy!” way. In fact, I think I’ll turn off the Pachelbel I’m listening to, and play their album just one more time, to try exorcise Keeping My Eyes On You from my head.

I talked Will into placing a few of the songs online, so you can hear stuff from his album by using the MP3 player on the top left of the website (if you have flash installed). He’s also allowing those tunes to be downloaded freely, but I haven’t put those links up yet (they’re here).

Also, I talked him into lowering the price for a while on the album, for sales made through his site. Usually, the album sells for €15, but he’s selling them for €10 through his website. Seriously – listen to the stuff, then buy the album – what’s a tenner??

The Strats are primarily a gigging band, so if you like what you hear on the album, you’ll love seeing them live. If you want to know if they’re playing any time soon in your area, use the contact form on the website and ask them! They’re nice guys, and will answer directly.

If you like your guitar (and Will loves his Strats!), try this album out. Will worries that he doesn’t sing enough on the album – so? The guitar works, and that’s what matters!

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  1. will do, Ken – the more I listen to their music, the more I like it, While I believe their lyrics need work, the guitar is hard to improve without serious thought

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