22 Dec

KFM 0.7

demo, download (828k .tbz2, 1.1M .zip)

New Features

  • New Languages
    • Bulgarian, thanks to Tondy (tondy.com)
  • Unzip zipped files (84). This allows users to zip up multiple files offline, upload them as one file, and unzip once they are uploaded.
  • Multiple Databases (127, 122). We now support PostGreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.


  • Files may be located anywhere on the system at all. They do not need to be within a web-readable area (33)
  • bugfixes (117, 100)
  • Long directory names are now truncated, using the same method as long filenames (80)
  • Directories with many files are now displayed quicker (106)
  • Download From Url has been combined with File Upload (108)
  • KFM has been tested and is known to work on PHP4.3+ and PHP5.1+

As usual, this release has been helped along by the many testers in the forum, testers who have contacted me by email, and all of the translators.

Development for version 0.7 was sponsored by the infinitely glorious web development company, Webworks.ie. We’re really quite good.

2 thoughts on “KFM 0.7

  1. Hi,

    how do you select a image? If I open the KFM and click or double click on an image, I would expect to have the current image selected and the kfm window to close and have the link to the image inserted in the image dialog. But this isnt’ the case. 🙁

  2. if what’s happening is that the image is actually being opened or downloaded by your computer, then you need to open up config.php and change the $kfm_file_handler to “fckeditor”.

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