21 Dec

my son, the genius

Jareth had a checkup with a paediatrician a few days ago. He’s three years old, and can’t speak, so we wanted him checked out.

During the checkup, the doctor wanted to check that his hearing and comprehension were okay, as a deficiency in either of those are the most likely reasons for delayed speak.

He was sitting in front of a small game which had a load of letters on it. “Where’s the ‘W’?”, I asked. He immediately put his finger on it. “Where’s the ‘X’?”. Again – instant correct answer. That clinched it – perfect hearing and comprehension. The doctor was surprised as well – apparently not many three-year-olds know the alphabet.

Yesterday, while helping him with his learning, I drew the letters “ABCDEFG” across the top of his writing board. I expected him to attempt to copy the letters. Instead, he wrote the letters “HIJ” immediately. I think he has trouble with ‘K’, but then – he’s three years old!

Want proof? Here’s a video of Jareth drawing H and I without being guided.

Today, I walked into his room, and came across this on the floor:

a load of letters, in the order they appear in the alphabet

At first, I thought “nice – organised”. Then I noticed that the letters are laid out in the order they appear in the alphabet!

My son Jareth is a bloody genius.

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