14 Dec

kfm 0.7 in beta

No versioned release zip yet, but I just finished the last of the features scheduled for this release. You can download via SVN using the details mentioned on the KFM site.

I’ll be announcing the string-freeze to the translators later today. We have one more language this time, Bulgarian. The official release will be in one week’s time. I need to give the translators time to do their work, and also, will spend that time looking through the code for bits that I can make more efficient.

New features for 0.7:

  • you can now upload a zipped archive of a few files, and extract the archive. this allows you to upload a load of files at the same time.
  • there were a lot of problems with SQLite in version 0.6. to help alleviate this problem, KFM now supports MySQL, Postgres and SQLite, using the MDB2 Pear library.
  • instead of returning links which point directly to the requested images/files, we now return a link which retrieves the requested file via KFM. this allows your file repository to be held outside the web root, and will allow file authentication and other tricks (logging, uri-based thumbs) in the future.
  • long directory names are now truncated similar to long file names.
  • “file upload”, and “copy from Internet” now use the same form.
  • lots of speed issues have been fixed.

enjoy. The main release will be next Tuesday. I’ll write up a quick article then detailing what features I think will be in 0.8, 0.9, and on up to 1.0.

If there are any problems using this beta, please mention them using the KFM forum.

In related news, Webworks, my great and glorious company will be using KFM in a very large project next year, which will mean a lot of work will be put into it. I am still committed to providing the improvements to the great unwashed, so you’ll all benefit from our hard work.