02 Dec

Visitor Q

That wonderful freak film director, Takashi Miike, has done it again.

Even though this film has scenes of murder and extreme violence, this is not a horror.

Even though there are graphic scenes of sex and very very abherrent sexual practices, it is not porn.

Even though there are some scenes which will have you splitting your sides in laughter, it is not a comedy.

Instead, I suppose you could call it art. The film shows an extremely broken family, which is brought together by the weird influence of a strange Visitor, Q.

It would be hard to explain the plot of this, as there doesn’t seem to be a coherent one. Instead, there are three stories – the father, the son, and the mother, which are all intertwined.

The father is a documentary-maker who has a bit of a short fuse in the bedroom department. The first scene of the film shows him having sex with a prostitute. We find out later on that the prostitute is his daughter.

The son is being bullied by three class-mates, and takes out his frustrations violently on his mother, who accepts it all. He’s a bit of a clean-freak, and has a collection of whips.

The mother has a self-esteem problem, and is a junkie. With the help of Visitor Q, and plenty of milk (don’t ask), she learns to appreciate herself.

I think the funniest moment in this film has to have been when the father accidently kills a film partner while trying to rape her, then brings her home with the help of the Visitor, in order to dismember and dispose of her. While drawing the “cut here” marks on the body, he gets a bit excited and decides that necrophilia is on the cards. Of course, rigor mortis adds a bit of comic relief to the proceedings.

All in all, I don’t think I’ve seen such an offensive-sounding film that did not offend at all – it’s actually quite touching how they all settle their differences and become a happy family.

One thought on “Visitor Q

  1. I think this film is absolutely mad. Some easily offended people would just die if they watched this on a Sunday morning, infact if you wanted a laugh you could send it to a friend as a suprise by putting it in a different box etc. Its a shame because somewhere in this crazy world worse is happening, much worse. Im not stupid but I dont realy know what is happening through most of the film, I have watched it once & Im scared to watch it again. If I made a film like this I would not want anyone I know to know I made it. I would go by another name & avoid mainstream media attention. There are so many people who rave on making a massive deal about productions that have nothing on this beast. I dont realy know what kind of audience could be the target Visitor Q was fired at. Yes, fair enough I did buy it from a dvd store but when I got home & watched it I just knew the salesman had not seen it because he would have given me a dodgy look for sure. Purchasing this film was a result of my fasination with strange manga dvds, I wondered how far these wrighters & directors would go & finding out they used actors instead of drawing pictures shocked me so I had to see it. Come on though… Its an 18, would you buy it for your son/daughter on their birthday. I think not.

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